Comparative analysis between adaptive pmlc model

The GMP contract would be tied into the schedule and there would be liquidated damages levied for not meeting the schedule.

Adaptive Pmlc Model and Extreme Pmlc Model

This classification is simple, but it is inclusive of every project that ever was or ever will be. We would develop a concise Overall Project Schedule with accountability processes.

Introduction to the Adaptive Project Framework

A separate chart of accounts will be maintained in order to track expenses on a real time basis. APF, on the other hand, creates recipes. The length of the line is directly proportional to the degree of organizational change that will be needed for the organization to reach its desired support environment.

APF is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach—it continuously adapts to change.

Several years ago, I undertook a project to develop an assessment instrument that measures the project-management balance in an organization with respect to the priority and attention it gives to staff, process, and technology. There were problems with the utility tie ins and coordination with the various utility companies.

APF is client-focused and client-driven. Preconstruction Phase The financial Performa and cash flow was not prepared as a tool to be used during the entire duration of the project. The project-management environment is an ever-changing one.

The contract would be based on a cost plus with a guaranteed maximum price. It will not work effectively if it forces the project into its own set of rules and conventions. Refer to Chapter 8: The second dimension relates to the solution, or how you expect to reach the goal.

The APM quadrant is the focus of this book. That places the project in the APM quadrant, and the best-fit project management process for that quadrant can be chosen.

Introduction to the Adaptive Project Framework

APF project managers need to understand the situation they face and adapt their toolkits to fit the situation. For example, if a project approach requires heavy client involvement and you know from experience with this client that that won't happen on this project, then you wouldn't choose that approach.

There was not a defined design development process that included strategic planning sessions. The glue produced from the original project did not deliver a product that had business value as originally defined, and sat on the shelf for about seven years until someone found an application with business value.

The team members just have to be skilled, and open to learning on the job. Hence, no constraining scope triangle in Extreme PMLC model for the cost and the timing of the project are not known Wysocki, Following the recipe analogy a bit further, I want to teach you how to create the recipe rather than just blindly follow some predefined recipe.

There will be well-developed templates for all, or significant parts, of these projects. For the purposes of this assessment tool, Staff refers to the project team.

Project Management Essay Sample

That is the topic of the next section. Technology is racing ahead faster than any organization can absorb, so that can't be the obstacle. For example, financial institutions will depend more heavily on Process and Technology, whereas the retailing industry might depend more heavily on Staff and Process.

APF meaningfully and fully engages the client as primary decision maker. The closer to a vertex a data point lies, the more important is that vertex to the organization. APF requires a new mindset—one that thrives on change.

The xPM-quadrant projects are projects looking for a solution to a fuzzily defined goal. Many are not ready to embrace the alternatives. Characteristics of the Project When I think of the project-management landscape, I think of it at a higher level of abstraction than the seven variables discussed earlier.

The assessment instrument is used to establish the current state and desired end state, and to suggest strategies for evolving from the current state to the desired end state. For these projects, the best-fit PMLC model must embrace a great deal of uncertainty and include investigative cycles that are designed to converge on a goal and a solution to support that goal.

The scores for each of the three parameters are linearly constrained. The best-fit PMLC model approach may be changed from one in the APM quadrant to one in the TPM quadrant. There are a number of considerations when one is faced with this decision. They are discussed in Chapter 9: APF Frequently Asked Questions.

The life cycle model of the project: comparative analysis / Collection: Week of science SPbSPU materials of scientific conference with international participation. Polytechnic University of Peter.

This chapter brings together the details of 12 specific PMLC models to equip the sponsor, project manager, and project team with the information they will need to make an informed decision as to which PMLC model is the best fit to their project situation.

In this report, I will identify and evaluate the Adaptive PMLC model and the Extreme PMLC model, perform a comparative analysis of their similarities and differences, and discuss the conditions that would suggest the use of one model over the other.

In handling a project using a PMLC model, the entire process group must be present at least once in a sequence, and any or all of the process groups, may be repeated as required (Wysocki, ). To be analysed comparatively here are two different type of PMLC model- Adaptive PMLC model and Extreme PMLC model.

Comparative Analysis Between Adaptive Pmlc Model and Extreme Pmlc Model. To be analysed comparatively here are two different type of PMLC model- Adaptive PMLC model and Extreme PMLC model.

An Adaptive PMLC model is an Agile Project Management (APM) model which consists of a number of phases that are repeated in .

Comparative analysis between adaptive pmlc model
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